AirBorne Models Showcase
Showcasing Great R/C Model Products

The AirBorne Models Showcase is about getting the most from models offered by The World Models Company and The Wings Maker.

On this site we build, customize, test, fly, and report on featured models. Plus we will have an extensive listing of models and accessories with details to help you get the most from AirBorne Models, the US distributor of products from The World Models Company and The Wings Maker.

AirBorne Models has supported modelers in a variety of interest areas including sport pylon racing like Club 40 Racing, T-34 Racing, and Warbird Racing with planes in multiple color schemes and solid colors for customization. They have supported pattern flying with models tailored to a range of sizes and also in solid colors. Sport modelers have enjoyed a wide variety of models for years. In recent years, fans of electric planes have been given a diverse selection of good looking and great flying planes with a lot of versatility.

This site will feature the unique offerings that AirBorne Models has made for the modeling community as well as the planes that everyday modelers can enjoy flying. AirBorne has a tremendous lineup of great flying planes and we will show you the techniques and accessories needed in text, pictures, and video.

It has been said that instructions are simply suggestions for how to do things. ARF instructions are the manufacturer’s recommendations for assembling and flying the products. In some cases, we will use accepted modeling practices to explore the potential of the products and maximize the fun.

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